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Operating as a cargo drone airline.

We are developing and operating an all-in-one solution for the middle-mile powered by our Black Swan cargo drone. The world's first cargo drone airline that can enable same-day delivery to the most remote areas,

up to 80% faster, 50% cheaper, and with 60% less emissions than other transportation methods.


A droneport network.

The network operation is powered by our fully mobile droneport cargo equipment, as well as our autonomous and semi-autonomous remote fleet control system with worldwide coverage. This means that Dronamics can reach where traditional aircraft does not, allowing for easy integration into any business’ supply chain. And, by eliminating the need for local warehousing, there is a drastic reduction in time, cost and emissions.

Easy integration with standardized and fully mobile operations.

Our droneports require minimal infrastructure and can be installed at unused airfields, airports, seaports, logistic centers, and factory lots. All that is needed are paved or unpaved airstrips with over 400m length, ensuring that we can serve under-utilized routes and connect communities and businesses that do not have access to affordable same-day delivery until now.


Democratizing airfreight worldwide.

Conventional ground delivery is often delayed by logistical challenges and, because airplanes are expensive to build and operate -and designed for passengers, not cargo- the cost of air freight can severely impact consumers’ wallets and the bottom line of businesses. Dronamics is democratizing airfreight for millions of people by making it more efficient, affordable and accessible.

Our growing network.

With Europe as our launch market, we are creating new direct routes through our network of droneports. 


A solution for multiple industries.

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