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Our community is our strength. The new "3 minutes with..." Q&A series will share insights from our team and beyond into the future of aviation, drone engineering and deep tech. First up is our Director of R&D Quality, Simon North telling us how he sees the aircraft of the future.

Simon recently joined us as Director R&D Quality. For the past 25 years, Simon has held multiple roles at Airbus, starting as an Aircraft Engineering apprentice, before progressing into leadership roles in aircraft manufacturing, digitalization, data production and software development, working on two of aviation's most iconic aircrafts.

What attracted you to join Dronamics?

You have only a few opportunities to be part of the future, and Dronamics is an organisation that is creating the next generation of air transportation and developing the future of aviation.

What does your role entail? 

I'm here to drive the quality culture, ensure we exceed our customers' expectations and to 'Deliver Quality Together'. I see the role as a facilitator and an enabler that ensures quality brings competitive advantage and supports R&D team members to successfully meet the challenges we often face when innovating. 


Aside from setting the strategy and ensuring oversight of the system, I'm also here to ensure our products meet the highest of quality standards, and that we comply with all the relevant regulatory requirements that govern the aerospace manufacturing industry.


With a career spanning both Europe and Asia, what is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

Communication and understanding cultures is key to successfully building collaboration and overcoming challenges.


You’ve worked on some of the world’s most iconic modern aircrafts. What does the aircraft of the future look like? 

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly aircraft will be the driver for the future of aviation. We all want to protect our planet! Consumers expect that we will do what we can to make our industry work in a way that respects our planet. Aircraft producers and operators alike must be committed to making this a reality and I believe meaningful innovation is the way to solve this. This is one of the reasons I joined Dronamics. I believe it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of aviation. 


The aircraft of the future will meet the needs of a highly environmentally-conscious consumer while at the same time providing a premium and reliable service. 


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