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Dronamics launches the first Cargo Drone Airline and appoints a COO

DRONAMICS the world’s leading developer and operator of large cargo drones, announces the launch of DRONAMICS Airlines with companies in Ireland, Australia and Canada that will manage the airfreight operations for same-day delivery services with its proprietary unmanned cargo drone – The Black Swan. As part of its ramp-up for commercial operations, the company appoints the seasoned aviation executive Sergio Oliveira e Silva as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO), a new senior management team position. Sergio joins the organization from his former position of Managing Director, Asia of a Global aviation services public listed company. Over a 25-year career, Sergio has held executive-level positions with some of the industry's largest operating companies within different international regions for privately held and publicly listed companies. The three newly founded subsidiaries are incorporated in the respective countries as they are leaders in drone regulations, but also are the regions of the first customer cases that will be serviced in e-commerce, pharma and spare parts logistics which will be revealed later this year.

“This is an important milestone for us, and we are thrilled by the talent we are attracting to our organization that is embracing our vision to democratize airfreight. We will continue enhancing our experienced management team who will provide additional expertise to deliver our first commercial flight in a near future.”

Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder & CEO at DRONAMICS

“I’m very much looking forward to being part of the team that will bring into the market the next-generation logistics networks for e-commerce, pharma, agriculture shipments, special cargo, and spare parts. I am excited to be again involved in another successful pioneer venture within the aviation logistics industry”.

Sergio Oliveira e Silva, COO at DRONAMICS

As a COO of DRONAMICS, Sergio will be responsible for the set-up and operations of the airline business, the deployment of the droneport network, and the upcoming operational authorizations under the fast-evolving drone regulations around the globe. The appointment comes as the first step in building up our global structure that will support the roll-out of the same-day delivery service of DRONAMICS.

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