Our mission at DRONAMICS is to democratize air freight through innovation. Our goal is to help reach more people at a lower cost and less impact on the environment. To achieve this, we have developed a new type of cargo aircraft, one that is small, autonomous and powered by energy efficient technology. It can transport 350 KG over 2,500 KM and has a lower operating cost than any other current aircraft. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and the whole system costs less than a sports car. This is the kind of technology that can transform whole economies.


At first, it didn't sound possible, but we keep proving it is, which is why we've called it “The Black Swan”. It can land on short and unpaved runways, enabling on-demand point-to-point flights and speedy same-day delivery even to the most remote locations that would otherwise take days to reach over ground or sea. 


We are starting with domestic air networks in Europe, Australia and Canada with fleets of the Black Swan, taking advantage of the multitude of small airfields that are often unused, training local personnel as drone and logistics operators, and partnering with local industry to provide a valuable lifeline of getting goods in and out of small, remote, mountainous and/or island communities within hours at a cost that is often below even that of road transportation.


We believe that same-day shipping for everyone is the future, and our goal is to enable same-day deliveries for every single person on the planet at a cost that everyone, everywhere can afford. 


Embedded systems engineers are responsible for the development and integration of both new and existing communication and control modules and supporting systems. As an Embedded Systems Engineer, you will have, or gain, a thorough understanding of all drone systems, their integration and customization. Your role is multidisciplinary, and you will be working closely with other avionics engineers, as well as with colleagues across a number of functions, including production, design, testing, and operations. Given the frequency of international partnerships, communication skills and foreign language command are both very important, and needless to say the ability to work as part of a team is crucial.


  • Installing integrating and servicing avionics communications equipment

  • Ensure that newly installed systems and those that have been repaired meet the necessary requirements

  • Participate in designing, purchasing, testing and calibrating avionic systems such as computer and electronic communication panels

  • Analyze telemetry data and perform hardware and software customizations.


  • An accredited degree or postgraduate qualification in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Electrical or Software Engineering

  • Experience in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Electrical or Mechanical engineering, Avionics design and development or related activities is a plus

  • Embedded systems knowledge and software programming skills will be considered a plus

  • Еxperience in software testing will be considered as a plus

  • Willingness to learn and share knowledge

  • Positive attitude and exceptional attention to detail

  • Great analytical skills

  • Fluency in English, other languages are a plus


  • LOTS of opportunities for personal and professional growth, incl. outside of Bulgaria

  • TONS of work, ZERO office politics

  • Full-time labor contract, motivating remuneration

  • Numerous benefits, incl. a training budget

  • A chance to define a whole industry

  • The job placement is located in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you’re interested, apply by sending us your CV and Cover Letter. If you’re the candidate we’re looking for, you won’t send us the same Cover Letter you send other companies (we know MS Word has “Find and Replace”). You will, instead, recognize that there’s only three things we care about: 1) Why You? 2) Why Now? 3) What’s the three-digit number corresponding to the number of words in this ad?

As a startup, we have limited resources, so only shortlisted candidates will be contacted (hence question 3). Thank you in advance for understanding!