One of the core novelties of the technologies developed by DRONAMCIS is the airframe of the Black Swan drone. The aircraft design allows us to reinvent air freight by designing an airframe specifically purposed for cargo that can cover a range of up to 2,500 km by operating in a similar fashion as gliders do. Thus, Aircraft Design Engineers are a vital part of the DRONAMICS team, but what does it take to be one?

We are pleased to introduce Anna Ivanova, the Design team lead at our R&D and manufacturing site in Sofia, leading a team of 7 engineers responsible of the airframe design.

Introduce yourself in a few sentences... 

“I graduated with a master degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester. Since 2018 I work at DRONAMICS on the design and development of the Black Swan UAV - an unmanned cargo aircraft (wingspan: 16 m) made out of composite materials. I have experience with a variety of CAD software packages used extensively in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.”

Tell us about your journey to this position...

“After graduation, I spend about 2 years working in IT as a Software Test Engineer in the Manchester area. This was a bit of a side-step in my career path, but it did help me further develop some key skills such as teamwork and communication. Eventually I decided this was not my cup of tea: I was eager to get back into engineering and work on challenges that make a real difference.

While I was still considering my next step (both career-wise and in terms of location), I chanced upon DRONAMICS, a start-up aerospace company. I was pleasantly surprised to find an opportunity to work in aerospace, my field of study, while also going back to my home country.

I currently lead a team of 7 multidisciplinary engineers and I’ve been involved in the product development from concept through to detailed design and manufacture. In addition, I have the opportunity to work on the development of our work processes and implement various workflow improvements."

In your own words, what do you do at DRONAMICS?

“As part of the Design Team, I’m working on the detailed design of the Black Swan’s full-scale prototype. This involves designing, analysing and optimizing of complex aerodynamic surfaces and structural elements for the internal structure of the UAV.

After finalizing the detailed design of a particular part of the aircraft, we manufacture it in-house. The detailed mold design for manufacturing of the composite parts, as well as assisting in the manufacturing processes are also things that the Design Team is involved in.

The fact that DRONAMICS is a start-up means that everyone on the team gets to work on a lot of different areas in the design and development of our new aircraft and gets an overview of the whole project."

What does the design team do that you take pride the most?

“I love how varied my job is, how many and different challenges it presents. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in figuring out a solution of a problem or seeing your designs being turned into a real, functioning airplane."

Any interests, hobbies or facts about you that even the people on your team might not know?

“I love reading, especially fantasy and science fiction. In fact, I love the fantastical in all its shapes and forms and the first Sunday of every month you can find me discussing yet another fantastic novel with my book club."

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