We are thrilled to announce that we will be joining the CAELUS project - a consortium of partners set to revolutionise the way in which healthcare services are delivered in Scotland. The CAELUS is a consortium led by AGS Airports that will develop and trial the UK’s first national distribution network using drones to transport essential medicines, blood, organs, and other medical supplies throughout Scotland.

Recently, CAELUS (Care & Equity – Healthcare Logistics UAS Scotland) has successfully acquired over £10 million ($12 million) in funding from the Future Flight Challenge at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). The CAELUS consortium is in the process of establishing a national drone delivery network for medical supplies across Scotland. CAELUS, which consists of 16 partners, including AGS Airports (Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports), NHS Scotland, the University of Strathclyde, and National Air Traffic Services (NATS), is developing a national drone network for medical distribution in Scotland.


The project launch was announced at Farnborough Airshow.  The role of DRONAMICS will be to collaborate with the consortium to power time-critical medical deliveries in the middle-mile using their “Black Swan” cargo drone, capable of carrying up to 350kg at a range of up to 2,500km. The flight trials are scheduled to be completed by 2024.


“The CAELUS project is set to revolutionize the way in which healthcare services are delivered in Scotland. A drone network can ensure critical medical supplies can be delivered more efficiently, it can reduce waiting times for test results and, more importantly, it can provide equity of care between urban and remote rural communities.”
Fiona Smith, AGS Airports Group Head of Aerodrome Strategy and CAELUS Project Director

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"This is an excellent opportunity for us to kick off operations in the UK by leveraging our authorization experience in the EU with EASA. The flight trials for NHS Scotland would also validate our ongoing product development toward delivering medical goods. We have seen that our solution could be vital for remote communities in Scotland, drastically decreasing the transit time for medical supplies.”
Svilen Rangelov, CEO and Co-founder of DRONAMICS

The project is funded under the Future Flight Challenge, the UKRI-led investment program that has committed £125 million ($149 million) into the next wave of aviation tech.

The CAELUS consortium comprises:

AGS Airports Limited               NHS Scotland                                  NATS
University of Strathclyde       Connected Places Catapult         ANRA Technology

Atkins                                           Arup                                                   Cellnex UK
Commonplace Digital              DGP Intelsius                                   Dronamics

Plane Finder                              Skyports                                            The Drone Office
Trax International

About AGS Airports

AGS Airports Limited was established in 2014 to invest in Aberdeen International, Glasgow and Southampton airports and is the second largest airport group in the UK.

AGS Airports Limited is jointly held by Ferrovial (via Faero UK Limited) and AGS Ventures Airports Limited, an entity controlled by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4 LP.


Future Flight Challenge

The Future Flight Challenge from UK Research and Innovation is a £125 million investment designed to deliver the third revolution in aviation. By establishing a vision for the future aviation system using new classes of electric/hydrogen and autonomous vehicles we are transforming how we connect people, deliver goods and provide services. We are working towards demonstrating the safe integration and operation of drones, advanced air mobility and regional aircraft, along with advancements in electrification and autonomy. We encourage businesses, regulators and public bodies to share knowledge and resources with each other to bring these innovative air vehicles into service safely and practically.


UK Research and Innovation 

We work with the government to invest over £7 billion a year in research and innovation by partnering with academia and industry to make the impossible, possible. Through the UK’s nine leading academic and industrial funding councils, we create knowledge with impact.

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